BA Graphic Design

Hello world!
I’ve created a separate blog to record the progress of my work at Camberwell, as my other ‘blog’ is mainly for news updates etc, that will hopefully become more active in the future as it looks a little dead at the moment!
For college work I will start using this thing. I was going to use Blogger but my name has already been taken by a stationary company (?), and I spent all weekend trying to think of a decent alternative blog name/alias, and well, it didn’t happen. I’m sure WordPress is just as good though.

I’ll start with the project that was set last week, based around Orientation. In a group of 5, we had to come up with some sort of system that communicated the functions of the rooms in the college and a sense of direction. I think. I found the brief to be pretty vague… which meant there was room for a huge variety of ideas to be produced – a good and bad thing. I enjoyed being able to discuss and develop a range of ideas but at the same time it was a little frustrating to try to come up with a final and complete piece. We collected research individually from each section of the college – basement/ground floor/first floor/second floor/third floor/fourth floor and also the floors in the old building (where foundation and some BA course classrooms are based). Sounds confusing? It was.

We began looking at signage systems for the different floors, looked at floor plans and possible 3D and digital interactive models. After speaking to one of our tutors we decided to look back at the research we had collected, as some of the irrelevant quirky observations we made while exploring the building provided a more informal and interesting way of describing a journey through the college. I would write in detail the many ideas we came up with during the week but it would probably take another week to do so. Instead here’s a photo of our ‘ideas wall’

After input from everyone in the group and further discussion (something we did a lot!) we went about repeating the observation notes/doodles on a piece of paper for each floor, with a key on the back for the student or visitor to use to jot down their own observations about each department. Charlie very kindly printed us all a copy of this onto blue card (Camberwell blue of course) which turned out super nice!

I really like the illustrated flyer look. I also think it was a great idea to make it the page a square – it almost looks like an album/vinyl sleeve. I would probably pick something like this up myself to slip in my bag. (Both sides are the same colour, Photoshop decided to be all weird with Levels)

Overall a difficult but interesting first project. Working in groups is great for discussing ideas and getting to know each other, but I think we all agreed that working individually is a lot easier and straight forward!

I would like to try collaborating in the future – for projects outside of college though where there are no rules, just experimenting!

p.s. a couple of the photos link to a private Flickr page – it’s basically the page I’ve saved the image for my own future reference so just ignore this 😛

i made a flickr group for my graphics class but i feel

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