Beau Lotto: Optical illusions show how we see them

I love TED talks. I stumbled across this one on Derren Brown’s blog (I follow him on Twitter…). I remember during the early 00’s I would always visit optical illusion websites out of curiosity. The days of dial-up and static .gif images.

There is a part in this video where Lotto asks you to stare at a green box and a red box (looks orange to me), and then look at 2 symmetrical but identical images below. He describes the colours above should appear on the identical images, making them look, well, un-identical. However when I look at them, the colours swap over. Underneath the green box the image looks red and vice versa. Is this what’s supposed to happen? I’ve repeated this 3 times now and each time the pictures go opposite colours. Quite strange.

for those who are too lazy to watch the video...

for those who are too lazy to watch the video...

I’ve always known I’m stronger in my left eye even though I am right-handed. I’ve discovered this through using viewfinders on cameras and, strangely, archery at summer camp in Year 6. Not sure why but I always remember that. I don’t think this has anything to do with the green and red thing though.


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