Another week, another project. Leading on from the work based around ‘Orientation’, we have now been set a mapping project about the local area. Here is a photo of the brief itself to save me from typing it up –

you may have to squint to read it

you may have to squint to read it

‘You may only use one piece of A0 paper throughout the project!’ – this scared me a bit at first but then I liked the idea of layering research and things, shame we don’t have access to screenprinting till the end of NOVEMBER, ridiculous really, going to see if I can get into an earlier workshop.

Anyway. On the second day we had to meet up at Peckham library (which is actually SE15) but I guess this encouraged us to get out the classroom and do some on-foot research. I took some photos around Camberwell, unfortunately didn’t venture too far from the Peckham Road/Camberwell New Road area but I got a feel for the area and noticed things to observe for the map etc. Took a few photos for future reference (not sure whether I will actually use these for anything really). As I was walking back into Lucas Gardens (our arranged meet up place) I started thinking about using the map itself, as a physical piece rather than using it as a canvas for statistics and research. Setting it up in situations and photographing it. Taking it for a journey around SE5 and taking photos of it along the way. Gradually building up research on one side and sticking photos on the other. Not really any concept but it’s kind of a hazy idea going on in my brain.

As EVERYTHING has to be on this page of A0, I’m even going to print out and stick on this and future blog entries. We’re not allowed to use sketchbooks (unless you rip out the pages and stick it to the A0 I guess). I chose to use newsprint paper. I had to stick each A2ish sized piece of paper together which took a while however I liked the DIY/handmade look. We were also povided with whole sheets of A0 white paper, almsot like cartridge paper but it seemed thicker and one side was a tad shiny. Not easy to fold either I’d imagine. Here are some photos of the map construction –


A0 is HUGE, I couldn't fit it all in the photo

masking tape

I used masking tape on the edges to prevent inevitable rips

scissors & tape

scissors were also used...

I kept the paper rolled up for a while and wrote notes in my sketchbook (will stick this on), but I folded it up in the studio today. I didn’t put any thought into how I was folding it at the time, just wanted to fit it in my bag and see how it felt in my hands. I quite like the fragility and crumply noise. Will be visiting the Maritime Museum and other such places for map folding ideas.

map on a little visit to Brick Lane

map on a little visit to Brick Lane

I will pop into the studio tomorrow to begin work and discuss my idea with one of the tutors to see if I can refine it. And then book an SLR from the Central Loan Store. And find someone willing to follow me round and take photos. Any takers??
Another idea floating around in my brain is to project onto and trace things on the map. I noticed a lot of interesting looking shadows on my walkabout yesterday. I am also thinking of projecting the image of the SE5 area onto one side, as it will show through the page. Henrik Olesen’s exhibition links into this somewhere, as he used newsprint for his collages. Another thing to record on the map is the journeys of SE5 locals. I’d like to follow people around on their journeys. I like collecting infortmation about how a space is used. Oh dear, my writing skills are starting to lack here. I am basically thinking outloud.

notes on the bus

notes on the bus, someone me asked if there were any cashpoints around, I had no idea

I noticed some nice places to photograph in on my bus journey through SE5 back home. Such as a building site and yet another park with a little bridge. Just thought of printing/photocopying the aerial map, sticking it on by overlapping the corners, and pinpointing where the photos are taken… train of thought…

I visited Concrete Hermit for the first time today with Sahra, nice exhibition and had a browse throught the very yummy 2nd It’s Nice That publication. I would post my CH profile but I can’t seem to be able to access the site right now. Might edit it in later
Sahra is an awesome illustrator by the way, check out her blog
Time to stop procrastinating and get to work, goodnight!


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