SE5 – Progress


Since I last posted about this project I’ve been able to focus my idea (kind of), and now I’ve decided to map out the border/boundary of SE5. I found while researching that I got different results for the boundary of SE5, there wasn’t a conclusive border. So, I will integrate the idea of photographing the map interacting with certain areas on this border. I have decided on these points on the map by averaging the boundaries given by my various sources. I hope this makes some sense.
Using the ever helpful resource that is Google street view, I was able to choose some spots to photography (approx 30) I however whittled this down to 10 when I discovered the SE5 border is approximately 9.5 miles long! In each picture I will make the map interact with the environment. For example in this first photo (taken on Talfourd Road) I attempted to post the map halfway into this postbox!


Doesn’t look very exciting at the moment…. I did spot this nice house.


Would have been nice to have stuck the map on this wall, but I felt a bit awkward on my own… would have been nice if I had my usual ‘assistant’ (sister to boss around haha)

Tomorrow I will be on a photo taking voyage around SE5 as I’m collecting a DSLR from the central loan store in college, hoorah!

I have another problem now. Well it can be seen as a good and bad thing, another idea! After our group crit, we were told our maps would be displayed hanging in a washing line kind of style. Suddenly I thought about projecting something to this hanging bit of paper. Video/still/photograph/drawing/digital work/etc. I could also project something onto the wall through the map but adding holes, cutting out shapes, trying out paper of different opacity, playing with translucent properties. These properties could be hidden until a light is shone through.
I am currently liking this idea but for it to work there needs to be reasoning behind it. So, I booked an OHP also from the central loan store for Wednesday for a bit of experimenting. I don’t think I will work with moving image, so an overhead projector should do the job. My map has started getting rips in it, seeing as it is only newsprint paper. Especially with the postbox – big rip on the side!


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