Imperial War Museum

Brand new brief! Was so glad to get the map project out of the way, dreading crits… oh dear.
Anyway, this week we are getting out the studio and into museums for a bit of drawing. Hooray! I love drawing! I biked it up to the Imperial War Museum on Saturday to have a look round before Monday. I’ve been to the Imperial War Museum North during a Humanities school trip, very nice piece of modern architecture, I don’t remember anything about the inside though.

I spent a lot of time in the Holocaust exhibition which was very interesting and quite moving. From a design point of view it was brilliantly set out; photos, videos, artifacts and 3D metal typography used for quotes and statements.

There was an AWESOME poster in the little art gallery they have there on the second floor of 4 arms pulling a swastika apart. Was hoping to buy a print or even a postcard in the shop, but unfortunately it wasn’t included. By Frederic Henri Kay Henrion, colours are a lot more vibrant in real life –

I took plenty of pictures of the things in the shop as the brief we have been given is based around designing an item to sell in the museum shop.

I already have an idea for the item to sell in this museum, yay! We are going to the Science Museum on Tuesday, which I have also never visited, but it sounds awesome. Hope I’m not too busy being a big kid when I should be drawing!

Brief for an essay tomorrow. Would also like to work on something for the rotating gallery week after next. Busy times!


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