Image project

Today was the end of the week-long image project and I managed to come up with 2 final pieces. Quite surprised with myself actually.

ideas/quotes/doodles/mind trails

My visit to the Science Museum wasn’t too successful. Found it quite hard to concentrate as it was so busy and all of the things that interested me were too complicated to draw and I had a limited amount of time etc, so I only managed to make 6 drawings out of 10. From these drawings however I picked up on symmetry and geometric patterns in cogs, propellers and water wheels. As well as being useful here, symmetry is an important factor in biology, it allows us to understand molecular structure, and in microbiology; symmetrical forms help viruses such as swine flu to propagate themselves. Symmetry is a natural occurance which appears often in science, it enables us to conduct research such as predicting the outcome of the experiments in the Large Hadron Collider. I’ve managed to glean a lot of this information from a talk by Marcus du Sautoy on the subject of symmetry –

(yeah another TED talk…)

To try and make this into a product, I thought I would create a simple, cheap pack, to allow children to learn the importance of symmetry and encourage them to find symmetry in the world around them.

the tin foil in the back there is supposed to represent what would be a plastic mirror

The pack ‘Little Box of Symmetry’ contains shapes and information on lines of symmetry and also a mirror, which can be used to investigate symmetry. A simple product to educate children (hopefully) on this important aspect of science. The ‘Little Box’ idea could run as a range of small, cheap packs for children to learn about other topics…

The product I mocked up for the Imperial War Museum was inspired by the range of old black and white photos used to document the wartime eras on display. I spent over an hour drawing an old large format camera in the dark with a constant line of people walking past me, in addition to the near constant sound of a screaming child. Not a great atmosphere to draw in but I was determined to finish it! I will try and get round to scanning and uploading these drawings.

The product for the shop is a pinhole camera, which is an actual functioning pinhole camera except for the fact there are so many holes the film would be overexposed. Nevermind. It comes with a few accessories so you can dress up and pretend you are from the olden days… wooo.

I bought some string and made a little package to gold it all in with acetate. I of course used my old friend the white Posca marker all over this project.

We don’t get our next brief till Monday, another week-long project. Having less time seems to be working for me as I lost interest with the 2 week map project, it just seemed to drag on and on.


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