Natural History Museum

My sister stayed over with me this weekend and one of her choices of places to visit was the Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum. Unfortunately though, for some reason or other the scientists were not in the labs for us to spy on or pose questions to. Will have to visit again it seems!

The Cocoon

I’d never been to the NHM before but I really liked it! A lot better than the science museum, the main attraction of which is the gift shop. Had a wander around the rocks and minerals section and came across some pretty cool stuff. I’ve been wanting to do some collages with printout photos/digital collages of minerals/rocks for a while and I felt inspired! The only problem is that the look of these rocks can no way be reproduced in print or photography pfft.

I love how some of them form in perfect oblongs or cubes or triangles. The wonders of nature I guess.


Opal again, I rather like these

my favourite!!

Need to start working on my essay soonish.



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