Daniel Eatock

I emailed in a photo the other day taken near my old college to Daniel Eatock and today it appeared on his site.



Today I’ve been helping set up the View Space studio in college for the sketchbook exhibition ‘Sketchibition’ hanging. No photos for the time being as I forgot to charge my camera’s battery, d’ohh.
The private view looks like it’s going to be this Friday but it’s looking fun at the moment! A lot better than I had imagined.

Got a new brief also based around sequential images and narrative structures. Definitely going to have to rack my brain for ideas on this one!

I wish I was in Liverpool for all the stuff going on at the A Foundation gallery, there’s another TAXED event on, ‘In Conversation: Artur Zmijewski and Sebastian Cichocki’ and a Haroon Mirza exhibition. Just recently also was the Liverpool Design Symposium (http://www.liverpooldesignsymposium.co.uk)
However the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009 exhibition at A Foundation London opens today, will have to make a visit sometime soon.

Lots of weblinks today! They all open in new windows, I made sure, so they won’t interrupt your web browsingg.

Going to see Mew tomorrow at Shepherds Bush Empire and I can’t wait!


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