The Letter Chair

Set a new 4 week project on Monday to design a chair, based on a typeface. I am tempted to use Comic Sans just because of the notoriety and snobbish attitude some designers have towards it – they may or may not have a valid argument. Someone’s even had the time to create the website

I like it’s designer, Vincent Connare’s attitude though, taken from this article on the Guardian website:

“Some like Rothko; others enjoy pictures of dogs playing poker.”‘

And from the ‘Ban Comic Sans’ website –

“If you love it, you don’t know much about typography. And if you hate it, you really don’t know much about typography either and you should get another hobby.” (I’m with you there on that)

Some info from his Wiki page:

Vincent Connare is a former Microsoft in-house font designer. Amongst his creations are the Comic Sans font, and the Trebuchet MS font, both of which ship as standard on current releases of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Besides text typefaces he finalized and hinted the font Marlett which has been used for scalable User Interface icons in Microsoft Windows since 1995 and created portions of the font Webdings that was first shipped with Internet Explorer.

Sounds like a cool guy right? OK that’s up for debate perhaps but I think so. I agree with the guy in the video on the ‘BCS’ website, that it can be uncomfortable to read, especially when used in continuous lines. But sometimes, for simple printouts and DIY signage I think it does its job – or for speech in comics of course. Design doing it’s job without complicating things and causing confusion/ambiguity is a job well done. Right?

But I don’t think I will go with that typeface. I might use it for a personal project in the future!

As we need to create 10 drawings and 10 collages to document research, I am going to draw chairs in use and record the positions people take in different chairs. Not sure what I am going to do after this.


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