Letterpress workshop @ Camberwell

Near the end of November (I know I’m late blogging this) along with our other projects, we were scheduled a day workshop in Letterpress. It was a great experience and technician James was really friendly and helpful with everything. It’s also fantastic to know this facility is free to use most of the week, will definitely be popping down again to make posters/book covers or just experimentation.

We worked together in groups of about 8 to produce a poster which is ging to be exhibited at some time in the future…? We were asked to choose from a huge list of typography related definitions and display them creatively on an A1 poster.

I chose to use the definition for ASCII, as it's a term I got familiar with during A Level Computing, so I wrote out the title in binary code 😛

Nice selection of typography books there

Group hard at work!

Setting up the type

Setting up the type

Close up

Test printing... yeah I put the paper in the wrong way...

Working out the layout from test prints

James setting up the type for printing.

I don’t have any photos of the final print, but I will get one once we are allowed to take our own copy of the poster! Will put pictures up of the other groups’ posters too, which I’ve still not seen myself.

More posts on their way!


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