Eat Sleep Work/Play

Was browsing through an old copy of Design Week yesterday and come across the work of Antoine Choussat & Zamir Antonio, known as the Design and Art Direction duo Eat Sleep Work/Play.
During their time at Central St Martins, they realised they both had the same ideals and passions within Graphic Design and began working for clients in their first year. Since then they have produced a vast body of work full of creative and colourful projects.
Their work for Kokon To Zai particularly caught my eye. Although photography and craft may seem a bit overdone in the graphic design world nowadays (maybe?) I think this branding still has a powerful and fresh impact although 2 years old.

I also really like the layout of their website and photography of their physical work.

Black gloves are a nice touch.

This image rings a bell, I must have visited their site befire. The chalkboard for the album’s song list is amazing, very clever and aesthetically pleasing to the max! These guys have got some great photography skills.

Oh dear, I need to improve my design vocabulary pronto.


One response to “Eat Sleep Work/Play

  1. I agree, all the paper craft stuff is becoming a bit too much now, but what’s annoying is I still love that style of work but can’t use it as often anymore 😦

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