Magical Museum – Screenprinting

So, on Monday I had my first screenprinting workshop. I was there from half 9 till half 7! Cleaning screens is hard work, especially when you decided to use black and then yellow ink, bad decision. Here are some photographs from the session. I will post up some pictures of my work for this project in the exhibition tomorrow as soooon as possible.

my inks and squeegee

screen beds

Yeah I did it kinda wrong.... learning from mistakes I guess haha.

Mixing colours, maybe an idea for the pro screenprinter but not novices like me. Looks like tomato sauce and mustard.

In progress!!


2 responses to “Magical Museum – Screenprinting

  1. Oh your screenprinting facilities are so much better than ours! Ours is so dingy and run down.

  2. squeegeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

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