If You Could Collaborate

If You Could is a self initiated project from art directors Alex Bec and Will Hudson (who also run the It’s Nice That site). They bring together both emerging talents and established creatives to produce work for publishing, exhibitions and events. I first came across IYC from a feature on It’s Nice That about the print series of red and black posters in 2008 (http://www.ifyoucould.co.uk/prints).

After visiting this much anticipated exhibition a week or so ago, I returned to A Foundation London with my camera. The If You Could website has photos of each exhibit which are miiiles better than mine which you can have a look at here –


Although the exhibition featured 33 pairings, I’ll discuss the pieces that I took the most interest in.

Julien Vallée & Nicolas Burrows

Already a super fan of Julien Vallee’s work I was excited to see his work in the exhibition; a collaborative peice with Nicolas Burrows of Leeds collective Nous Vous.
Displayed in Flash, this interactive ‘game’ allowed the viewer to control the sounds and animations of the objects on the desk, using keyboard keys. Lots of fun to play with (I was there at least 20 minutes trying to remember the buttons to stop the animations).

Mentioning him is a great excuse to post his other work here –

Although he isn’t techinically french (French Canadian), a lot of good french design is coming out at the moment, unless it’s just because I am exposed to it by following www.manystuff.org . I bought an issue of Graphic magazine from Korea with a feature on Many Stuff – in fact the whole magazine was covered in every blog post from the website, fantastic. Must blog about that soon. Anyway, moving on.
Craig Ward & Sean Freeman & Alison Carmichael

Recently I’ve become a bit obsessive with laser cutting possibilities and these pieces inspired me further to display my 2D designs/illustrations as 3D pieces. Not only are these beautiful typographical images, but beautiful objects. It’s so easy to vectorise anything and feed it into a machine which can produce accuracy bettering human capabilities.


Mario Hugo & Micah Lidberg

Now, this piece I was definitely excited to see. As a frequent visitor to www.loveworn.com I am always inspired by Hugo’s pencil and gouache paintings. I’ve been on the lookout for old books since I discovered his work, counting the fragile blank pages to draw on.

Was great to see his work in real life! So glad this exhibition featured a lot of my favourite contemporary designers and illustrators.

More examples of Hugo’s work –

Jim Stoten & Andy Rementer

Two awesome illustrators who created a zine based on the future.

With Associates & Anthony Dickens

With Associates, a London based design agency created the website for last years Camberwell Summer Shows – http://2009.atcamberwell.com/
Their work within the gallery was an interactive installation, allowing visitors to become part of a viewable timepiece. So if you see a red haired scouser say ’17’ that would be me.

Michael Moloney & John Hooper

From If You Could site –

‘Having invested lots of time and planning in the project with his collaborator, photographer John Hooper, Michael has made a time-lapse film set 2500ft up a big hill in the Great Langdale area of The Lake District. They shot continuously for 24 hours with the camera rotating twice through 360°.’

Favourite video from the 3 presented.


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