Recent work

Been quite busy with group project work at the moment, which is still in development stages so I will post that at a later date. Thought I would post some other stuff I’ve done recently.

Some drawings I am submitting to  Xhibit 2010 –

(^ unfinished on A3)

(^ meant to be part of a series on folder dividers, works nice as a stock)

I’m also finishing off working on a zine of drawings of Mark Lanegan… and I will start on something similar with drawings of Mike Patton. For no other reason than the fact I like drawing pictures of cool people.

Doing stuff for XOX Magazine again, including the design work for their next House Party in Manchester, link

Joining a new print collective started by a few guys on the graphics course too which sounds like funnnn. Began drawing on photos and books from the junk haven that is Deptford Market too.

Busy Busy.


One response to “Recent work

  1. you are a busy one. i love it!

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