Unknown Land (2)

Since the last post, our group, myself and Chris x2 have now made 2 A1 screenprinted posters of the lost ships and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle. We’ve tried it out on royal blue, black, yellow and a beigy coloured card.

Photos nicked off Christopher Lacy’s blog http://christopher-lacy.blogspot.com/

Some pics of the process –

For our next presentation we are going to display our posters and get into character for our Investigation Agency (complete with uniforms!). I am in the process of perfecting the logo and patch for our mission.
We are also planning on presenting the country’s national anthem and flag. Chris made a distorted soundclip using feedback and help from his flatmate which we are planning to use as the anthem. I’d like to use Spectrogram programs to mix the two. I researched spectrograms during Foundation and became fascinated with them. Lots of other stuff to make but I don’t want to reveal too much yet 😉

Cool video on Youtube. I’ve read the description twice now and I still don’t understand it but I’ll keep trying.

I’m still working on designs for the Ruby Lounge House Party in Manchester. Will post it up when I’m done.


One response to “Unknown Land (2)

  1. Hey… congratulations, the posters look sick! 🙂

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