Design A Dictionary

Our next brief set at college is based around (as you can guess) designing a dictionary.

The outline of the brief –

  • define 40 words which relate to one subject
  • research dictionary types/forms
  • consider text/typographic systems/image/size/colour medium

Since visiting the Decode exhibition at the V&A, I’ve been inspired to include digital visualisation into my work. I see this brief as an opportunity to break into this medium. I still need to work out the theme for the words, however I may use computing/programming terminology. I will definitely have to brush up on my programming skills too!

Along with this project, completing the Unknown Land project, a new essay to write, a number of personal projects and freelance work, I am planning to finally start practicing oil painting. I’m going to attempt something similar to the work of Shawn Barber, one of my favourite artists.

While I’m here, I’ll post some work I discovered earlier today via, the amazing b&w photography of Bernard Voïta –


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