Various artists

Today I was browsing the site, and discovered the work of Wesley Burt. He’s a concept artist for games and films, and also produces freelance artwork and illustration. Although I am studying graphic design, this is my ultimate dream job (aside from playing drums in a rock band haha). But recently I’ve been trying to spark some inspiration for painting and practicing drawing a lot more, and this guy’s work has hit the spot. I’m all for realism in drawing/illustration, but it can get pretty boring, you need to have the talent to give your drawings a twist to create an interest from the viewer – something I’m hoping to generate more in my own work. Anyway, here’s some examples of his work –

You can tell this guy does nothing but practice constantly and there’s nothing I enjoy more.

I recently visited the Saatchi gallery to see Richard Wilson’s 20:50 installation, which was amazing. I’ve been a fan of his Turning the place over sculpture in Liverpool.I wasn’t too interested by the The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today exhibition, but there were plenty of paintings on the top floor in the The Franks-Suss Collection exhibit that I liked, especially those by Jia Aili and Tomoo Gokita.

One last artist to mention, Robin Cracknell. I came across his work by accident, searching for another artist’s work on Google images and finding his photography work on a Guardian website page.


Cracknell’s site also features a number of pages from his notebooks –


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