Steven Read – eBay TV

I’ve just been reading one of Grafik’s Site Specific articles online, featuring Charlotte Cheetham, founder of Manystuff, one of my very favourite blogs. Charlotte mentioned a site called which, for whatever reason, I seem to have forgot about lately. It’s a blog full of posts about contemporary art pieces, and just scrolling through quickly there are tons of refreshing and inspiring images. I think you can see I don’t have a knack for writing, bah. Ok so while browsing through the  site I came across a post about Steven Read’s project eBay TV which I found pretty interesting.

Maury! 🙂

Ongoing series of collected photographs from depicting televisions for sale. To market the sets, the eBay sellers also used found images. In particular I enjoy the complex interactions of the 2-dimensional screen image, its display device as a 3-dimensional product/subject, a 4th dimensional surrounding environment, your computer browser screen (the 5th dimension), and so on.

Interesting stuff.


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