Project updates

So, the assessment deadline is approaching very quickly and I have to complete

  • Foolproof
  • Unknown land
  • Design a Dictionary
  • The Nature of Things
  • BFI/London Film Festival

I was planning on re-doing my Foolproof as I wasn’t satisfied with the location I chose (grassy area in front of Tate Modern). I liked the style of the booklet however the content was, well, awful.

Unknown land, a group project between Chris, Chris and I had potential in the beginning but our motivation gradually diminished as we got towards the end of the 5 week project time. Still need to tidy this project up into a nicely presented bundle.

I spent today dedicated to my dictionary, laser cut the front cover image to be letterpressed/embossed into the bookcloth cover. I also screenprinted all of the drawn hands.

The Dungeness (Nature of Things) project is coming along. I am going to print my images on a large scale (A0) and play more with digital collage and scanning. I have been inspired recently by these digital collages by F00DS on Flickr –

Although these appear to work best on black and white images and I intend to create full colour images. Further experimentation needed!

Finally this past week I have come up with a topic of research for the BFI/LFF brief. I am interested in how digital cinema is now taking over the art of movie projectors. Even nowadays, sitting in a cinema and experiencing crackles and marks on the film is an anomaly in comparison to the ways we view moving image in everyday life. I am looking into creating imagery based on the projection of RGB. Basically the identity will explore the growth of digital cinema (including both recording and the viewing experience). People are now watching movies on tiny little iPhone screens on public transport.


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