Work Update

So, I’ve been pretty busy on the work front at the moment, I’ve still not started my Summer project and I have a whole list of other things to do. I’m making a self portrait for a gallery in St Helens (some of my work is already there!), a Christmas card for All I Want For Christmas, a T-shirt design for the Haunted House Party and a postcard to auction off at the Feminism in London event.
Sure I’ve forgotten something.

And lastly, a little drawing I made in my moleskine.


2 responses to “Work Update

  1. Was this for the sketchbook project in Brookyln? They gave us moleskin for the project and painting anything in them I found terrible! Great drawing by the way.

    • Hi, thanks!! Nope, it was just a doodle in my sketchbook – I wish I had the motivation to take part in that project! I know what you mean, paint just doesn’t work on the paper 😦 I think gouache might be kind of ok. I just used markers for the drawing 😛

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