Second Year!

I am now officially a Second Year student at Camberwell! Well, since last week technically but we only just got the internet at our house today so I’m only just posting now.

This summer I began knitting again. I started off with odd balls of wools and needles from charity shops attempting to create a sort of patchwork blanket.

I’ve moved on now to thicker wool and needles which takes a fraction of the time, and seeing as the weather is becoming chillier I’ve taken to knitting scarves!

Ok so back to everything else! The Feminism in London auction at the Aubin Gallery went great, was exciting to see some great pieces of work on show, selling for a great cause. I still need to keep in touch with Sarah Maple (the curator) about how it went and future events!

In terms of Summer Project work, I’ve delved pretty deeply into my research. I don’t have anything physical yet however I’ve learnt a lot of interesting stuff.

As the brief was about ‘walls’ I used Internet Firewalls as my starting point. Then I got reading about the ‘Great Firewall of China’ – as you may know China has strict internet regulations and there is a huge list of search items which are blocked over there. I looked into different types of computer viruses, trojans, spyware, malware in general and rootkits.

Next I discovered this amazing article on the BBC site (through the BBC Click page, naturally)

It discusses the idea of living a minimalist life with almost no possessions, but a laptop and external hard drive. It includes the concept of ‘mind-uploading’. To quote Anders Sandberg, a research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University –

It’s the idea that we can copy or transfer the information inside the brain into a form that can be run on the computer

This is such a fascinating concept that I had to go further with my research. Upon visiting Sandberg’s own website I discovered the term ‘Transhumanism” or H+ as it is known (Humanity Plus), and Transhumanist Art. I could go on about this but I’ve written about it plenty in my notebook and I shall touch on it again in a future blog post.

Thankfully, to help develop my project, our tutors have given us a new brief ‘Off the Wall’ with which we have to take an element or idea from our Summer Project, edit, shape it, and create a piece from it. I was planning to create a firewall (hypothetically) for the actual data obtained from mind uploading. Sort of a science fiction based outcome.

I’m really excited about the new year and the direction my work is going in! Until next time!


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