General post…

Yesterday was the exhibition in the Long Space studio at Camberwell for the 1st Year BA Graphic Design students’ summer project outcomes and also for the 2nd Years. As I was still seemingly wrapped up in research and difficulty in visualising my project, I ended up with a basic diagram to loosely describe the inner workings of a Firewall in my hypothetical situation of mind uploading. I provided a short explanation of the project alongside it. I will paste that up here at some point.

For the latest Digital Environments session we had to produce a 2 minute presentation with the title ‘Digital is…’. I wrote some stuff about binary and interfaces after revising some of the glossary terms in the Programming Interactivity book (which I definitely have to buy).

Interestingly, 90% of the discussions today were about the internet and the social, political and moral issues it presents. There was not much mention of offline digital systems. Although it was good to hear a everyone’s opinions and references to the subject of the world wide web.

Next week we are visiting the Unleashed Devices exhibition at the Watermans Gallery. I was planning to visit this exhibition during the London Design Festival I was too lazy to travel far out. I managed to see and talk to some of the participating artists  however at the V&A Digital Design Weekend. There I learnt a little about the hardware needed for interactive installations and more about openFrameworks. Also – looking forward to the onedotzero Festival In November. I just booked tickets to the Code Warriors Q&A session which looks right up my street.

Just now I have discovered OpenTech, which is a yearly conference in London where speakers discuss different approaches to technology, politics and justice. Unfortunately I have missed this year’s conference, however all of the audio from the talks has been uploaded to the site, fantastic!


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