Digital Environments etc

I’ve got quite a few topics to cover so I’m going to start at the top of the list!

At the last Digital Environments elective session, we visited the Watermans Gallery (next to Kew Gardens) for the Unleashed Devices exhibition.
We got the chance to meet Irini Papadimitriou, the curator for the exhibition and also the Education Programme at the V&A (so the Digital Design Weekend I attended and other events). Great to hear from someone who works behind the scenes and puts together these great exhibitions! Surprised also to hear how destructive some of the visitors are with the interactive installations. It also gave me extra encouragement to buy an Arduino board, it’s only a matter of time before I finally do.

I’ve been researching one of the exhibitors from Watermans (and V&A), Hellicar & Lewis, along with a number of studios/collectives/individuals who incorporate digital interactivity into their practice; FIELD, The Owl Project, Chris O’Sheaand ¬†Zachary Lieberman among others. Over the Xmas period (or term time) I’d really like to do an internship or generally get involved with one of these (especially H&L!!).

Last week, after getting lost in Dalston trying to find Hamar plastics (actually on Bethnal Green road for all who are interested) I managed to make my laser cut record!
Here’s a (not so good) photo of it –

It has a diameter of 12″, and I will be photographing it better as soon as I can!
I plan to base the next record on patterns based on mistakes. I made plenty of mistakes also on this record – some lines were too detailed and the needle jumped off – The interference in the spiral section made the needle jump and turned it into a looped sound – I needn’t cut the groove so deep – among other lessons learnt.The sounds produced proved to be very interesting. I am going to film this soon to I can show you all!


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