Scribblings of the day

After my tutorial today with Sigune, and our mass gallery visit, I managed to sit in the library and plan my idea for the Everything is Connected project. I began with thinking about how roads (in the UK at least) are all connected. In theory the road I live on now is the same road I grew up on. There is one stretch of tarmac (or similar), with many twists and turns, to my parent’s house in Liverpool. Very obvious when pointed out, but I find it strangely fascinating. Added to this is the Channel Tunnel, making the rest of Europe and beyond connected by road. Obviously there are limits to this system overseas, but transport is still available in different means.

A system which we often take for granted which makes transport and travelling much easier and efficient is Route Planning Software. In short, it compares the origin with the nearest existing node on the system, and compares countless possible routes (an example I nicked from Wikipedia) –

Shortest route between Germany's major cities of 43,589,145,600 possibilities

GPS is also a massive component which allows this system to work on a mobile platform (in a vehicle or by foot). This project is giving me flashbacks of ALevel Maths (Hamiltonian cycles..) but I like it! Maybe I can create some sort of system (digitally or not) based around journey planners and the like. Fortunately,  this stage of the project can still sort of be considered the research stage, so I’ll carry on with that for now!

The main exhibition on our trip around Piccadilly was Christian Marclay’s The Clock at the White Cube Gallery.

Marclay, along with his team of researchers, sound designers and other employees, resourced video clips from movies of time mentions and compiled them into a real-time 24 hour movie. The video was not exactly as I had expected; some scenes were mixed, the sound was well designed so that the images flowed, in general a lot less ‘choppy’ than I had imagined. The clips form an abstract narrative and each scene is engaging. It is very addictive to watch and I’ll definitely be revisiting this for an hour-plus session.

I still haven’t mentioned – last week I went to see The Social Network. Very good film, a lot of information all at once. Of course I especially enjoyed the soundtrack, my sister and I were grooving along to the recycled Ghosts tracks. I hope Trent is awarded well at the film award events!

Speaking of Ghosts I-IV, if you are going to make music packaging, this is how you do it.



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