Mistakes project (update) & DEP

So, I finally recorded a video of the laser cut record in action!! Unfortunately the aspect ratio got messed up somehow, but I wanted to get it online as quick as possible so I uploaded it anyway. Here’s the record played 45rpm –

In other news I bought a ticket to see The Dillinger Escape Plan after having Ire Works on heavy rotation, and the fact they made an EP with the legendary Mike Patton (including an Aphex Twin cover), and played alongside Nine Inch Nails. The gig was incredible, glad I didn’t get to far into the pit or would’ve probably broken a bone or two. The energy they put into the performance is pretty insane. An amazing night, definitely what I needed in between all of these projects, hope to see them again soon.

They recently released a box set for their latest album Option Paralysis, which came with a ton of goodies including  TV-B-Gone – a remote control which secretly turns off any any TV anywhere (not sure how that works?) and a VinylDisc – a disc with an analogue and digital layer with a bonus track. That got me thinking, I could extend this ‘laser cut record’ idea – what if I engraved a CD with the same patterns I used on the perspex to be the played on a record player?

Slightly related, I just found this video about vinyl record making. Enjoy!



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