Manovich & KIN

A couple of weeks ago in the Digital Environments elective we were asked to read an essay by Lev Manovich. Manovich is a Professor in the Visual Arts Department of University of California, European Graduate School (EGS) and a Director of the Software Studies Initiative at CALIT2. He is also the author of 2 book pubished by MIT and Software takes Command – released under a Creative Commons licence (the licence being a whole new blog post in itself), and over 100 articles published in over 30 countries. The essay The Practices of Everyday (Media) Life 2008, and questions posed are on the following link –

Soon I’m going to update this post with answers to the questions posed on the wikispace page.

On Wednesday morning, as part of our visiting practitioner lectures on the BA Graphic Design course, we were joined by Matt Wade of KIN. KIN was founded by Matt along with Kevin Palmer, between them they share over 20 years of experience in the Design Industry. Their ethos seemed to be about collaboration, and Matt referenced to Howard Rheingold’s talk on about how collaboration is key for creating something important and worthwhile.

KIN work with and consult a team of specialists including electricians, programmers, workshop technicians for each project; the detail and visual representation he gave for these connections and relationships was great. I found the talk from Matt insightful and inspirational, he wasn’t afraid to hand out advice whenever he had the chance. A lot of the projects by KIN use interactive elements, or custom software so I was interested in how they approach these sort of projects and work with programmers and the like. Their choice of hardware for installations was interesting too. They have worked with Chris O’Shea, and are also currently working with Radiohead on music software. Amazing.

I asked Matt afterwards about the possibility of visiting the studio for a look around, so I’ve just contacted them about organising that. Should be fun!


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