Lithography workshop

This Monday & Tuesday I was booked in for Lithography workshops at college – very exciting especially as I was clueless about the whole  process! On Monday we were using plates to draw directly onto, so after preparing the plates with chemicals and whatnot, we were provided with materials, the main ingredient of these being grease, to draw onto the plate. After a few more chemicals /washes/drying we began to print copies of our drawings, and here’s mine!

Unfortunately I don’t have any photographs of the process, but it was a lot of fun and something I definitely want to do more of. And it’s relatively cheap.

For Tuesday, we had to bring in a photographic image (or any printed image) for offset printing. As I had been playing around with Hexplorer all weekend I chose to use one of the images I produced –

Once grayscaled and halftoned, it was good to go.

I chose to print this image because of the range in tone and texture. It is also less obviously (compared to other Hex edits) that it has been edited – if you get what I mean. And so here’s some photos of the day –

Cleaning off the plate after being exposed.

Gumming the plate



(all photos by

And here is an (awful) photo of my print I just took now. I’ll get a better one sorted asap for my website.


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