onedotzero: code warriors & James Turrell

Image courtesy of onedotzero’s Facebook page.

This weekend, I made the most of the onedotzer0_adventures in motion festival by visiting the free installations at the BFI, but I also booked tickets to see the Code Warriors Q&A (with Helena and Miglena), as I thought I would get a better insight on how moving image is progressing with new media/coding/open source material and the context it is used in. I had not read up on the speakers beforehand, so I didn’t know what to expect. However I have to say I was disappointed with the event. The  topics put forward were quite vague and hard to follow – and I don’t mean it was hard to understand – none of the conversations came to any sort of conclusion or explored anything worthwhile. At a point it just sounded like people namedropping software and plugins. The questions put forward by the audience (as it was a Q&A) were very interesting, but were gone mostly unanswered really. I sensed a sort of frustration from the audience members. Maybe I’m being too harsh? I don’t think so, I didn’t gain much from it. I did like the showreel of videos, and how they looked on the big screen, but they kind of lacked variety and purpose. Anyway I am sure the rest of the events, as the installations, were great. Just a shame I couldn’t make them all.

Also, on Thursday I made it to James Turrell’s exhibition at the Gagosian. Luckily about a month ago I was listening to Radio 4 and heard a review onBindu Shards, a mixed media piece at the exhibition, so quickly went online to book a reservation for it. Here is a photograph of it. I had to lie down on a cushioned draw and pushed into a small hatch on the side of the sphere. Inside there was a crazy psychedelic light show with no sense of depth. Reminded me of blurry fractal art. In parts it was really intense and I started seeing 3d shapes form – however – I didn’t hallucinate or experience anything ‘out of this world’ while in there. Ganzfield was also interesting, but ruined by previous visitors’ disrespect for the work – hand and foot marks were all over the place ruining the intended effect. Shame. I think I enjoyed the photographs at the beginning of the exhibition more than the other works.


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