Beyond The Boundaries

Last week we were set the new brief ‘Beyond the Boundaries’. I missed the first trip on Tuesday due to its clash with the Pure Data workshop, but joined in on the gallery trip on Thursday. I saw – Camera-less Photography at V&A, Philippe Parreno at the Serpentine, Fiona Banner at Frith Street Gallery, Gregory Crewdson at White Cube (Mason’s Yard) and High Society at the Wellcome Trust (along with some of their permanent collection and a performance by Andrew Dawson as part of Hands). It was quite a busy day and I’m amazed we managed to squeeze so much in, even if I had a nightmare with my Oyster card!

Phillippe Parreno

The exhibition that struck me most, especially on reflection was Gregory Crewdson: Sanctuary. Here are some notes I took –

We assume that the image of a building will mean the form of a 3 dimensional is existing in space. However, when the opposite is revealed, some sort of sense of satisfaction is lost. I instantly compare it to the frustration as a child while playing with toy car. The image of an apparant door would exist, but would not open and function as a physical door. This is how it would appear, it was designed not to ever open. The same can be experienced in computer games; when attempting to interact with a locked door, there is a sense of frustration that arises when you realise that whatever you imagine is beyond the door does not exist, physically, or in this case, virtually. It simply has not been designed and programmed into the game, therefore it does not and will never exist. These incidents only usually occur in 3D environments, but in the photographs this concept it still relevant. It is almost a documentary of the disappointment rather than allowing you to discover it for yourself. Interestingly the photographs are taken and presented in such a way that you cannot grasp how large the area is. The photographs are not mapped at all.

Another observation, about the physical photograph prints – digital inkjet prints – is kind of similar to the topic of discussion in last week’s elective session. I am sure that this process was not chosen purely on the general digital aesthetic as the artist’s intent is elsewhere. I could be wrong. I’m not sure if many other viewers of the work would see it as significant. Overall an interesting set of images which brought up some fascinating concepts, at least for myself.

This is an idea that I would like to bring into my project, the imagining and the mind’s assumption of things which do not physically or virtually exist. We think beyond what is already existing without us even realising it.

During the weekend I also managed to get to the ICA for Bloomberg New Contemporaries and Tate Britain for Mike Nelson’s  installation, work by John Stezaker (some photos found on this blog) and also saw some films by Gregory Byrne – which are acted out conversations between science fiction writers including Issac Asimov, about how they imagined 1984 to be (1984 and Beyond). The previously scripted dialogue was very intriguing along with the supposed conversation situations, by amateur Dutch actors.

Still need to write some blogs on the elective. They’re coming soon I promise!


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