Beyond the Boundaries exhibition

I haven’t made a blog post in a long time which is kind of uncharacteristic… Since the last post I’ve been enjoying more of the Pure Data Workshops (with Arduino!)  and we had our first external class show of Second Year – Beyond the Boundaries at The Bear in Camberwell. I also managed to catch Interpol at Brixton Academy and head up to Manchester for Scissor Sisters!

Setting up (photos by Imogen) –

And some photos of the exhibition by Caleb –

My piece 'Vacant'

Unfortunately, I don’t have any scans of my slides as of yet! Using my trusty Olympus OM10 & 50mm & 28mm lenses with some Fuji Sensia I went around London in search of rare desolate spaces to photograph. I have been playing with this Hexplorer stuff as another aspect of the project, but for the exhibition I wanted to display work through a different format as I am always relying on print, so went for a slide projector. It was my first time using slide film (when not cross processing) and I was really glad with the quality of the images, thanks to the E6 processing. However I wasn’t very satisfied with my range and amount of photographs (due to time limits). Also I don’t feel the concept is very strong at all, I think I need to back it up with more statistics about land and vacant spaces in Central London. I wonder if there is any ‘no man’s land’ knocking around. Was disappointed with the lack of feedback and critique the next day in the crit though (except from Sigune – thanks!).

Also – I’m currently studying this book!


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