Merry Christmas everyone! This Christmas I got an Arduino Uno starter kit from Oomlout (last year I got an external hard drive – very practical!). I also bought myself an infrared distance sensor – the Sharp GP2Y0A02 – as we used this in the Pure Data workshop.

Using the perspex board provided by Oomlout

Here the Arduino is hooked up to the sensor

Yesterday I had a go with the circuit layouts provided with the pack and the Arduino software, got some LEDs flashing in patterns, attempted programming a piezo element to play jingle bells, spun a DC motor and in got myself comfortable with the whole circuit making process in general. My little brother (he’s only 11 but a master with FL Studio) suddenly took an interest with it when I showed him a video of a laser harp made with Arduino (he saw Jean Michel Jarre live a couple of months ago). Today I had a go with the theremin patch from the workshop at Camberwell run by Ed Kelly. I was amazed I actually got it to work (due to my lack of skills).

I need to teach myself a bit more on transforming the input data to create output  in PD. I’d love to use this in future projects for installation work and also with PD and Processing for video/visual work. I think I am going to use my Arduino experiments for our next brief ‘Cause and Effect’ –

You are required to produce an edition (minimum of 10) of books or folded structures. The content may be an element of any previous project and/or an idea of your own under the theme Cause and Effect.

I’m sure I should be able to mix the two right? Let’s see. I still have to complete around 4/5 projects for assessment in January…


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