Some Things

Just posting some interesting stuff I’ve found lately. My post on ‘noise’ is still in my drafts folder and needs finishing!

Recently, (in the past 5 minutes) I saw a tweet from flight404 (Robert Hodgin), about his collaborative work with VJ WeirdCore for Aphex Twin’s NYE set.

Using a Kinect, he was able to create this experimental video –

By saving the previous frames captured thanks to the Kinect’s ability to obtain depth information into an array, this allowed him to create a ‘time echo effect’. After comments mentioning its strange suitability for an Aphex Twin video, Hodgin was approached by WeirdCore, who’d already shown the video to Aphex and had it approved. Here’s a video of the app (made using Cinder) in use –

For a while I’ve wanted to mention Sonoio – the most recent release by Alessandro Cortini. I’ve been following his work, including modwheelmood, since he started playing with Nine Inch Nails. As well as packages including limited prints, t-shirts, physical and digital copies, Cortini offered the purchase of SuONOIO (Italian for ‘I make sound’), a semi-modular synthesizer which can recreate the sounds used for the tracks on the album. A very interesting and fun way to market the album.

So, I’m a big fan of Illustrator, and I’d like to somehow use my arduino as an input device to control illustrations and typography through it.  This would enable me to create visuals that I can control and re-edit myself. And of course I love the simple beauty of vectors, and their aesthetics.

Here’s  something I just made in Illustrator… if I can control these sorts of drawings (or things even more generative and abstract) with a infra-red sensor or something, or output them as instructions that would be pretty amazing.

I’ve found something which may help me – Scriptographer
(Although not right now as the plug-in isn’t cooperating with Illustrator on my computer)

I found it through a website for Hektor -‘a portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers‘.

I think I’m going to have to stop there otherwise I’ll be up until dawn clicking through links.


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