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While browsing, I came across the symposium – I don’t know where I’m going but I want to be there – The expanding field of Graphic Design – which I unfortunately missed out on. Some great speakers were at the event including Stefan Sagmeister, Alice Crawsthorn, Metahaven and Erik Kessels. Speaking to Manystuff, Kessels made some good points about the future for graphic designers including –

Without an idea, design becomes wallpaper: sometimes pretty but ultimately left in the background. As more and more “design-like-wallpaper” heaps up, the value of ideas can only increase. After all, if computers are a shortcut around craft skills, the only point of difference left is thinking.

More here. Luckily the talks have been recorded and uploaded to Vimeo so as soon as I get home I’ll be able watch them! And I’ll be editing the post with my thoughts on the topics discussed. I haven’t looked into much of what Metahaven have produced, although the name rang a bell as they took part in a lecture series by the MA students here which to my memory, I didn’t attend. Their work, on first glance appears to be about solving theoretical design briefs and branding, which may relate somewhat to my Off The Wall project (about firewalls/mind uploading).

On the Manystuff site I also came across the work of Xavier Rantin. Two of his projects include experimentation with inkjet printers – which is the subject in question for the next Junction exhibition.

The above image is particularly interesting, named in the book as ‘PRINTER BURN OUT’ appears to involve a possibly infinite loop of printing. It would be interesting to produce something similar to this.

Another related piece –

Just in Time, or A Short History of Production

A book printed through a printing chain made of four desktop printers using four different colors and technologies dated from 1880 to 1976. A production process that brings together small scale and large scale production, two sides of the same history.

  • MAGENTA (Stencil duplicator, 1880)
  • CYAN (Spirit duplicator, 1923)
  • BLACK (Laser printer, 1969)
  • YELLOW (Inkjet printer, 1976)

The imagery produced from the process is beautiful. Not only does the installation piece look fascinating but the end product is also fantastic.

Today we were given our timetable for the next term with features only 4 projects – another 1 week film project with Alex Reuben (great!), a live project with Christian, and a ‘DIY’ project set by ourselves, moving towards our final year of study. The fourth project is to design a book with the theme ‘Cause and Effect’ with an edition of 10. This is to coincide with the Book Fair in Barcelona, which I may or may not be visiting. I’m quite upbeat about the term ahead, but sad about the end of the elective programme. We also have to prepare a 5 minute presentation to identify our research interest (theoretical ideas/key texts) and how they relate to our work. Except for the actual presentation part, I think I’ll enjoy this one.

The noise post is coming along, today I began reading a new book in the library full of Futurist manifestos. There was a very interesting letter by Luigi Russulo – written 100 years ago, about his proposals for Futurist orchestras and the theory of sound and noise in general. A different kind of noise? Perhaps. I feel the ideologies and work of the Futurists must have influenced Nam June Paik’s work with cellist Charlotte Moorman. Another exhibition I need to write up!

I am veryexcited because next week I am going to see Ride, Rise, Roar at the Ritzy in Brixton, a new David Byrne concert film. After the showing Byrne – one of my biggest heroes – is going to actually be there taking part in a Q&A session! Got myself a front row ticket! Finally reaping the benefits of living in London.


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