David Byrne

Yesterday I went to the Ritzy in Brixton to see the premiere of David Byrne’s new concert film Ride Rise Roar. Afterwards there was a Q&A with the man himself. I didn’t get to ask him anything unfortunately (only one question was taken from the audience). After seeing the genius Stop Making Sense, I made sure I got a ticket for the event.

It was interesting to hear how he works with Brian Eno – he emails Byrne an mp3 which over the top he creates vocal melodies. He then adds extra instruments via, again a computer. All at his desk. In the film they mentioned lyrics are often over analysed and can be identified as a meaning behind a song – interviewers and fans have been asking songwriters for years about what their lyrics mean – but no one ever asks what the music means. The two things could be two completely different conflicting emotions. This sort of stance is extremely limiting and is comparable to titles being given to pieces of art, the viewer is not able to reach their own conclusion. Anyway, the guy’s got some interesting humour.  Was great to hear about how he worked with the dancers and choreographers to create a fantastic live show.


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