Just a couple of things I missed out due to my printer giving up at the very last minute!

This transparent perspex disc is a a playable record, created as an experiment in designed sounds. It is a mix of modern digital technology with old analogue methods.

The disc is a response to the work of Niklas Roy and Jari Suominem, who created a laser cut record. Using various patterns and engraving depths, they were able to create a variety of sounds. The record is also successful as a graphic piece. After coming across this work online, I decided to create one myself, as I was curious to hear how it would sound. CDs are written by marking plasic wih a laser, (as the record is), however it is played with an optical drive (another laser.

Shortly after cutting and engraving my own disc, I played it on a record player with interesting results. The finite spiral track I had designed had become an infinite loop, with the needle jumping across lines due to some other textures I overlayed on the spiral. Some of the tracks would not play due to the needle being unable to handle the complexity. Although the file sent to the laser cutter appeared geometrically perfect, when brought into analogue media it was far from it. This was the reasoning behind using the piece for this certain brief.

y² + x² = 53.29

The title of this piece represents the perfect circle which is engraved into the disc. This line is equidistant between the centre hole and physical outer circumference. The piece contains one looped track. Rather than one continuous infinite track as the disc was designed to produce, there is an audible pattern as the needle loops. This may be due to a number of factors. Firstly, the laser’s intensity may have been at its highest when it began engraving the circle. Also, debris from the engraving may have created a texture in the line at a certain point in the track. Whatever the reason, the process of converting the vector file into a physical piece incurred the inclusion of ‘noise’.


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