Beyond the Boundaries – Flatland



Within this project I aimed to use a hexadecimal code editor to create imagery, following on from the brief to create photographs without the use of a camera. I chose to use a subject which is near impossible to visualise – the fourth dimension. After researching possible texts attempting to describe the fourth dimension, I came across the book Flatland, written in 1884 by Edwin Abbott Abbott, which examines the nature of dimensions.

To create the images, I found a PDF version of the book online and copied the text over to a basic text editor, stripping it of all formatting. I then went throught the text file meticulously, correcting alongside the true original copy (in terms of spelling, capitals, spacing). I did this, as these small differences can make huge differences in the code, and  it needed to be exact. I then created a blank white JPEG file, with a 2:3 photographic aspect ratio, to paste the text code into. For each part, I pasted in each chapter and compressed the image before executing the next. This meant that the image was being created by being fed new code to effect the code established by the last chapter, rather than it all being fed in at once.

I will create a small book of images for each stage of this process.

The final images were then enlarged for printing at A1 size, to account for the display of text data fed into the file on another print (originally planned to be on 1 double sided poster). The text is set at 6pt.

I will write more about this soon and include it in the process book.


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