Today while browsing through a friend’s book, I discovered the work of Troika – a London based studio who create experimental artworks in the area where architecture, art and technology intersect. Strangely enough I was captivated by one of their works yesterday in the South Kensington subway.

Palindrome (2010)

Troika are also responsible for the Newton Virus –

Some words from the programmers, interesting to hear how they made it feasible –

We begin by taking screenshots. Lots of them! It’s just like hitting Command-Shift-4 then spacebar and saving every object on the desktop indivdually, including your wallpaper. These images are then used in conjunction with Box2D, a piece of software that simulates real world physics. And voilà!

Also, this beautiful project they created for Heathrow’s Terminal 5

All The Time In The World (2008)

‘All the Time in the World’ allows passengers to extend their imagination to far distant locations as they enter the Lounges; the great natural wonders of the world, the highest mountains, the most beautiful lakes, the tallest buildings, the longest rivers, ancient cities, museums with untold treasures, dream islands and exotic deserts, thereby subverting the hard function of the traditional world clock into a poetic, fictional tool.

I could post all of their projects here, but I’ll end on this one –

Datasound (2003)

44.5 x 35 x 8cm
Turntable with 16 channel sampler

Musical interpretations of data

‘Datasound’ offers an alternative and more sensual interpretation of electronic data by exploring their musical potential. ‘Datasound’ is a fully functional musical instrument that enables you to hear, mix, scratch and perform digital data signals from found data – old program floppy discs containing pictures, computer virus’, a love letter, drawings – whatever.



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