Rodchenko & Photography

After Christian’s lecture yesterday my memory was refreshed with the photography work of Alexander Rodchenko.

Here are some shots I took during my Art Foundation year inspired by his photography –

Maybe an obvious point, but he mentioned how these sharp angle kind of shots by photographers of that period were influenced by the new mobility of cameras at the time – photography was evolving with new technology. For some reason I didn’t take this into consideration when I studied his work a few years ago. I was more interested in the dynamic and composition of the actual photographs rather than why and how they were taken. I wonder how I could bring this exploration into the realm of current photography technology. I suppose the first suggestion would be the ease and accessibility of capturing and sharing images digitally. But how this would change the aesthetic/composition of a photographic image is something which I need to explore further. I am actually very keen on producing a photography book for the Barcelona Book Fair as well as the book on the subject of vintage computing/punch cards.


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