DIY Project

So, I have recently decided on a project I would like to create using Processing/PureData as an interactive piece. From the hours I spent painstakingly setting the IBM o29 type on Illustrator, I constantly thought about just using font creation software and typing the text out  – but my inner perfectionist at the time wanted to see it lined up in a grid. I would like people to be able to create dot-matrix type throught printing, and then creating a font or digital format of the type from that through a a piece of software (or sketch/patch).

To do this, firstly the user will use a small device to print dots in a 5×7 grid onto a piece of paper (I have been designing this over the past few days and will upload some sketches soon). The user can then hold the print up to a webcam and have it automatically converted to a digital vector format which can be shown on screen (and perhaps uploaded to an online gallery).

I can’t imagine this being too difficult to create. I pretty much know how the program will run, I just need to read up on coding in Processing! I have tried something similar and a lot more basic in PureData, but I think it will be worth using Processing.


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