Smithdown Road

Recently I have come across a fantastic group on Facebook – The Secret Life of Smithdown Road. Smithdown Road is a well known 1.6 mile road in the heart of Liverpool. I share fond memories of the area while visiting my grandparents who live on a street just off of it. The road is also to get its own exhibit at the new Museum of Liverpool when it opens in July.

The Facebook group holds a huge amount of photographs, old and new telling the history of the community and buildings.

It’s amazing to see through the photo comments also, how people are able to recite memories of the area and connect with people they may have never met.

Here are some photographs

'Dolls House Specialist / Doll and Teddy Hospital - Photo © Stephanie de Leng'

'Inside the Grand Cinema, Smithdown Road. Thanks to Penny Lane Motor Company for the image.'

'Simon and his mother Sue outside of T. Gongs Laundry, the family business.'

'The photo was taken outside Don Pepe's Poodle Parlour in 1971, and comes courtesy of the wonderful people at Liverpool Record Office.'

'Looking out of the window of Clubbs Chemist towards Booth & Co. Copyright National Museums Liverpool.'

'Photo of World Cup Party in Maitland Street off Lodge Lane - not too far from Smithdown'


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