Today I finally installed Linux Ubuntu on my laptop (on a partition of course). I’ve been planning to try out this OS for a long time, but never got round to putting it on my trusty old (very old but very trusty) PC – which only has a 300GB HDD which I need to upgrade as they’re dirt cheap these days, same goes for the RAM. For a near 6 year old processor though it’s served me well. I do also miss XP.

Back to the subject in hand. I partitioned the hard drive on my new amazing PC laptop and saved a little bit (50GB) for Ubuntu. It runs perfectly. I’m hoping to use it for softwares such as Processing, PureData and Arduino. The amount of quality free software available for Ubuntu is amazing, especially some of the science/astronomy programs. Hope to write more soon on my experiments with this soon.

Making friends with Terminal whilst installing PureData


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