Moment Factory

Some words from their multimedia director and integrator Pam Rocks –

‘Working with an interactive system, it gives the musicians that freedom that has been lost in contemporary touring shows. Right now the musicians are restricted from time-code, and you have to stay synced all the time, and always play the song exactly the same every show, whereas with our interactive system it gave (Trent) a lot of leeway in that respect, and his musicians could improvise on stage a little bit and they could trigger the videos themselves with our system.’

Just from seeing this video has really inspired me to try and involve my work  with this sort of mixed media more – as it involves my 3 biggest loves – music, art and computers. I was really disappointed when they didn’t bring these visuals with them to the UK in 2009 (the logistics of bringing them over I suppose outweighed the need for them for 2 shows). I have been fascinated with this project for some time, so discovering this video was great! Now I’m off to teach myself some Processing…


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