The Designer’s Republic

After all of the research and writing I have produced for Unit 10 I am looking into visualising these and briefing myself for final outcomes.

On another note, I managed to come across The Designer’s Republic’s work for the limited edition version of Autechre’s 9th album – Quaristice (2008); a photo-etched steel slip case, plus gatefold wallet.

Sean Booth of Autechre discussed with Clash magazine his preference of digital vs. physical:

“It makes no odds to me. Actually, it does; I’d prefer (people) to download it than buy it physically. It fits our agenda much better that way. Our plan has never been to produce CDs – it’s always been about making music. If there’s a way of charging for it and getting the content to people, then we’ll adopt whichever is the most transparent. The actual product is the FLAC file – but I don’t object to those who want to own something that they can hold”

Beautiful piece of design – albeit impractical. This theme of limited edition physical is becoming more interesting and proving to be a fantastic way of generating money for the artist. As well as having the freedom to produce priceless physical object for the fan in collaboration with designers it diminishes the constraints of having to house the hardware holding the music, and mass production of the piece. Seeing this has encouraged me to look back on the sleeve designs I produced for my laser engraved records, to document them properly, and to think about perhaps pursuing this experimentation with music ‘packaging’ further.


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