manderson film

During my typical YouTube viewing habits, I came across a video entitled ‘ILLUMICORP – Illuminati Secret Training Video Reveiled’. Naturally I started watching as I am pretty sceptical that the Illuminati exists (especially how it is envisioned by YouTube users). It became clear that it was obviously a parody of the idea, made by Manderson Film as I later discovered

Some of the comments underneath are pretty worrying, seeing as this video is an obvious parody –

At the moment I can’t seem to find much information about this project (except for a few set shots on their website) so I will have to contact them to find out more. I can’t work out whether it is an online social media experiment – either way it’s a fantastic piece of work.


One response to “manderson film

  1. I feel this kind of control is pure hate. We work and pay taxes and they take our money. when they are done taking tThe money, they become rich and make us their slaves.
    True love and freedom does not have to control someone else. If your bible is so wonderful that you say you have written, then why was Betsie Tenboom killed in the concentrationcamps. A true new world order would not kill others or be threaten by their own freedom.
    The Bible says satan comes to kill steal and destroy. What master are you serving today? For the master in whom you serve is the master in whom you are a slave to. Choose this day whom you will serve so you can have a better tomorrow!

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