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House Party

As general designer for the House Party events, I’ve designed the poster for the the upcoming House Party in London, in conjunction with Counter Culture.


Poster designs

Recent commissioned poster designs. These have been gobbling up my time for the past week or so!

^ I had less than 24 hours to make this one. o___o

I may upload some photos of how I made them. Lots and lots of scanned bits of paper with drawing and writing on :/

Kendal Calling 2

So, last Friday I trekked up to Penrith on the train for Kendal Calling, after getting guest passes from the House Party guys. I had a great time up there and definitely want to go again next year!

Check out the view! As soon as our tent was set up we headed over to the arena to find the House Party tent –   

With my easily recognisable banner! 


At the festival, we managed to catch a few bands too, including The Futureheads (who I’ve wanted to see for about 5 years!), Good Shoes, The Coral, Okgo, Barbara Nice in the Soapbox Tent, and a few DJs including Craig Charles who is a childhood hero of mine (I was and still am a huge Red Dwarf & Robot Wars fan!) so that was a lot of fun!



On Sunday I met the guys from one69a who were there to screen print my design onto postcards, tea towels and t-shirts.  

Live Screen Printing!

Jermyn screen printing a tee


Me printing some tees with my sister!


And here’s Bez, who was also DJing at the House Party, with one of the tea towels!!  

I’ll be setting up a giveaway soon for one of these tea towels, so stay tuned!  

Kendal Calling

Poster design for one of the stages at this year’s Kendal Calling festival.
To be printed as an advert in Artrocker Magazine and printed to promote the event.

My favourite part of the poster is the website made from little stars –

Always nice to see the outline from Illustrator –

Original sketch, which was scanned in and hand traced in Illustrator –

You may notice a few changes from the sketch… the organiser asked for some alterations to the sponsor logos/DJ names.

The Ruby Lounge House Party

After desigining the poster for the last sell-out House Party on NYE, I was asked to do the poster for The Ruby Lounge’s next House Party –

This took me bloody ages! Started off as a drawing in my sketchbook, which I scanned,  Photoshopped, traced in Illustrator (no live trace, pen tool!), took back into Photoshop, scanned in handrawn text, and then lots and lots of tweaks.

E-cast banner for the Artrocker Magazine mailing list –

A design I made sometime last year for Eddy Temple-Morris, updated with the House Party info.

I only found out recently my last poster was printed and posted up around Manchester! Pfft! That would have been cool to see. Really need to work on my website seeing as I put it alongside every design I do.

I will be heading up to Manchester for this anywho.

Egyptian Hip Hop

Illustration for article in Artrocker magazine.