Some photos of what I’ve been working on leading up to the deadline…

Double sided offset litho poster print, edition of 45.

Got a CRT monitor from a lovely Freecycle user in Lewisham. Ready to experiment with!!

Cath’s clock

Slime Mold


Made during a Graphic Identity workshop run by Rita Coelho. I was aiming to create a logo which represents the way I work, originating from the cube drawing I made the night before (in previous blog post).

Early Computer Graphics

Nearly all interactive graphics applications today can trace their roots back to this pivotal demonstration. It’s considered the first graphical user interface (GUI) at a time when computer graphics of ANY sort were virtually unheard of, let alone the notion that computers could be applied to both artistic and technical purposes.

Five weeks left until the hand in date for Unit 11 – deciding now that I need to focus my project work on computing/history of computing solely.